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Pregnancy Care during Covid

Pregnancy care during Covid:


We know a lot of you are seeing way less of your maternity care provider than you usually would in “normal” times and you may be wondering... Is this safe?  What should I be watching for?  


So let's take a few minutes and go through what the recommendations are and what you can be doing to keep yourself and your baby safe!!!


Schedule of Visits:


Normally we would see you every four weeks until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks and weekly until your cute baby is delivered.  During the times of Covid, we are still checking in with you this often, but some of these will be done by phone or by video chat! Our clinic, Grow Health, has adapted the following schedule as per the recommendations of our governing bodies and the World Health Organization. 


Visit 1: Phone/Video: 8-10 weeks. Get to know each other! This is usually a chit chat visit learning a little bit about each...

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Swaddling My Baby: Is it safe?

newborn Apr 15, 2020

So mamas......lets talk about swaddling!!

Back in the day almost all babies used to be swaddled, and in many cultures this is still universally practiced...however over the past few decades people have been trying to reduce the risks to babies and encouraging safe sleep practice.  The safety of swaddling has been hotly debated over the years…

We are here to give you the evidence around swaddling, benefits and risks so you can make a decision that is right for your baby!! We are going to talk about the effects of swaddling on crying, pain, preterm babies, hip development, risk of SIDs, breastfeeding and the most precious commodity of all......SLEEP! 

If you want more details about what WE did when our babies were wee check out our YouTube video as we talk about our experiences with swaddling but we'll summarize the evidence below: 

Crying: For babies that cry excessively, swaddling is more effective at decreasing crying than massage in infants. 


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Update: COVID-19 Pregnancy and Delivery

We've been getting lots of questions about coronavirus, or COVID-19 infection, in pregnancy so we put together this blog post to address the TOP 5 questions we've been getting. And if you're more of a video kind of learner, check out our new YouTube video shared today where we touch on the same content! 



Should I delay trying to conceive? 

 The short answer is we don’t know. 

There is NO definitive evidence that covid-19 infection is associated with increased risk of early pregnancy loss or fetal malformations, though we do know that elevated temperatures in early pregnancy can be associated with fetal malformations, so there is that possible risk. 

 The Canadian Fertility and Androgony Society have released a statement indicating that they are recommending suspending all ART procedures (ovulation inductions and IVF) until further notice. 

Additionally, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine has also issues a similar...

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To TOLAC or not to TOLAC...that is the question!!!

birth cesarean section Apr 01, 2020

TOLAC stands for Trial of Labour after Cesarean Section and if it is successful it ends in a VBAC Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section.  Check out our free Birth Plan Download here! 

Why are we talking about this you might ask?  Because it is a question that many women struggle with and their thoughts are influenced by many different things.  We think it is so important for women, and their partners, to understand all of the potential issues and then make a decision based on good sound information that is right for their family!!! 

Now as usual, it is important to discuss this with your care provider, as there will be some people who do not fall into this discussion, and other issues may factor into the decision that we do not touch on...but this should cover the Broad strokes!!!


Why Try for a VBAC?

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to try for a successful VBAC here are a few!

  • Planning on having multiple pregnancies
  • Wanting to try to have a...
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COVID-19 in Pregnancy and Newborn Feeding – What do you need to know?

Uncategorized Mar 28, 2020

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a ‘novel’ type of coronavirus that is newly infecting humans around the globe. It is a strain of coronavirus originally found in animals, and because it has just newly infected humans, we have no immunity to it hence the rapid increase in cases both initially in China where it originated and now around the world.


Are pregnant women at higher risk of contracting COVID-19?

From the current base of knowledge we have about COVID-19 and pregnancy pregnant women do NOT appear to be more susceptible.


What symptoms would I show if I had COVID-19?

Pregnant women would present the same as non-pregnant women if infected with COVID-19. This includes fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath and headache. Symptoms including runny nose, sore throat, and sore muscles are less common.


Will my baby get infected if I get COVID-19 while pregnant?

From all the information we have at present there is NO evidence of the baby being exposed to...

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Breastfeeding Tips For Beginners

Breastfeeding can be tough, and even worse if we don't know how to get off to the right start!  This blog post gives some great tips on how to do that!  Check out our free cheat sheet on the top 5 mistakes we make when breastfeeding and how to fix them!



 The first hour after birth is called the GOLDEN HOUR. Skin to skin with mom and latching in that first hour has been associated with longer breastfeeding duration and less challenges later. 


 Colostrum is the milk you have in the first 3-5 days and is jam packed with immunity and is all the baby needs initially. 


Milk volume increases on day 3-5. Your breasts will feel engorged/hard. They will continue making milk if they are drained on a regular basis; usually every 2-3 hours. 


Babies feed OFTEN sometimes as much as 14 x a day! This gets less frequent and more efficient with time. This helps your milk supply establish. It is...

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Supplements in Pregnancy

pregnancy Mar 18, 2020

Pregnancy is such an important time in our lives, and one that we want to do our very best to give our well little baby the best start in life that we can!  So we should take lots of supplements right? 




If you are consuming a healthy diet (especially pre pregnancy) you really should be getting most of what you need.  We recognize that during the first trimester some women are quite nauseous!! This is why we encourage people to think about planning for pregnancy if at all possible!  I like to say….your baby is the ultimate parasite...they will suck what they need out of you!....


The other thing about supplements, is they are not actually controlled by the government, so we don't actually know what is in them! They are also very expensive, so save that money for all the extra costs that come with having a baby! 


What do you need? 


  • Folic acid - all women should be taking at least 400mcg of folic acid...
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Labour and Delivery in the time of Coronavirus...How are our hospitals trying to keep us safe!

How Will COVID-19 affect my birth? 


Many women are asking about what changes may happen at the hospital, and if they are at increased risk while giving birth.  


We have just had an update from our local hospital in Victoria, BC.  If you are from elsewhere please ask your caregiver if there are any changes at your hospital. 


Covid-19 is a virus which is spread by large droplets (sneezing, coughing) but it can also live on surfaces for a few days, which makes it highly transmissible and can spread easily, especially if we do not practice good hand hygiene.   As a result we are trying to limit the spread from person to person as much as possible.  For more info on Coronavirus (COVID-19) in pregnancy and breastfeeding, check out this blog post.  Find more info on COVID-19 and social distancing here. 


Here are the recommendations around pregnancy and delivery at Victoria General Hospital:


Worried about COVID-19 in...

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Coronavirus....How to slow the spread through Social Distancing!

women's health Mar 14, 2020



What is COVID - 19:


This is a virus, which is present across the world at this point.  It is a new virus, which we do not have much information on; but rest assured we are learning every day. 

What we think we know includes that it is spread by large droplets (coughing, sneezing) and comes in to our bodies by our mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth etc).  It is extremely contagious, and for the most part, in young healthy people, will cause mostly mild symptoms.

 However, we also know that people over the age of 60, and those with chronic medical conditions, are at a higher risk of having more severe symptoms. 

So what we need to do as a population is implement measures, which we can all do, to help slow the rate of transmission.  We need to do this as our resources to help people are limited. 

 Why? Well, if we all get sick at the same time, there will be a large spike in people who need hospitalization and intensive...

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Miscarriage - The Sad Truth!

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2020

Miscarriage, which should really be called Natural Pregnancy Loss (NPL),  is a tough topic to think and talk about. This is despite the fact that we know it is incredibly common in women of child bearing age.  So common, in fact, that most women have had at least one miscarriage in their lives, and if they haven't then they almost always know someone who has. 


What is it?


Natural Pregnancy Loss happens in about 30% of pregnancies...that's right...1 in 3 pregnancies end in the first half of the pregnancy.   Most of the time this occurs prior to 9-10 weeks of pregnancy as a result of something having gone wrong with the fertilization of the woman's egg or the implantation into the uterus that would have resulted in something going very wrong with the pregnancy.  It is nature's way of giving us the best chance of having a normal healthy pregnancy and baby. But nonetheless, it is still tough to deal with. There are certainly some medical conditions...

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