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How Pregnancy, Pregnancy Loss, and Parenthood Changes your Couple Story

We talk lots about the impact of pregnancy loss on the pregnant person, and the challenges of postpartum as a culture, but we also need to talk more about how these life experiences impact you as a couple and how it changes your couple story. 


Dr. Sarah had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Stephen and Erin Mitchell, who are parents of three young children and are also work in the area of counseling. Stephen has a PhD in Medical Family Therapy and Erin has a Masters in Counseling Psychology.  


They talk candidly about how pregnancy, pregnancy loss and parent hood impacted them as a couple and they share strategies about how you can prepare for parenthood as a couple. 




Additionally, they offer a number of incredible online resources including a FREE pregnancy mini-course, and a comprehensive online course aimed at couples called Create Your Couple Story. And for our community, they've extended a discount code so if...

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Navigating Friendships After Pregnancy and Infant Loss

As we get older, friendships can become complex to navigate. Layer in emotions around fertility, pregnancy loss, or even the devastating loss of an infant or child and it can be challenging to know how to help those you love. 

And as difficult it is to talk about pregnancy and infant loss, it touches all of us throughout our lifetime. 

In the podcast below, Dr. Sarah chats with April Boyd, a Psychotherapist, and Coach, who specializes in supporting families through infant loss. She candidly shares her own experience with loss and offers practical, gentle ways of navigating relationships & life after loss. 



If you're interested in learning more from April, head over and visit her website the Love Loss Project where she shares content to help others heal through their experiences of grief and loss. 



And for those who are experiencing pregnancy after loss, we connected with Dr. Alda Ngo, Director of Chinese Medicine, about the...

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Birth Plan

Check out your free birth plan template here!