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Cesarean Section: You Asked, We Answered! birth mini course birth preference c-section scar cesarean section labour labour and delivery masterclass maternal health maternal wellness pain in labour perineal massage physiotherapy in pregnancy sfm podcast May 01, 2024

How long after a Cesarean Section should I wait to try for a second pregnancy? 

This all depends on your goals for the subsequent delivery. If you've had a Cesarean section and you're hoping for a trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) to aim for a vaginal delivery, the recommendation is to...

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C-Section Scar Recovery with Janette Yee c-section c-section scar cesarean section massage therapy postpartum postpartum body postpartum recovery postpartum support scar desensitization scar tissue scar tissue massage Feb 08, 2023

Many birthing people feel discomfort around their post cesarean section scar. While seeking the guidance of a medical professional or perinatal massage therapist is certainly helpful, there are simple steps you can take for yourself that can go a long way in the healing process, as Janette Yee,...

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