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Pregnancy as a Stress Test diabetes in pregnancy early pregnancy exercise in postpartum exercise in pregnancy hypertensive disorders of pregnancy postpartum pregnancy care preparing for pregnancy Aug 10, 2022

Pregnancy is a stress test. What does that mean!? Think of pregnancy as an early warning system. Some conditions that come up during pregnancy might mean you are at higher risk down the road of being affected by chronic disease. But this doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do...

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Preparing for Maternity Leave! early pregnancy maternity maternity leave parenthood pregnancy pregnancy care pregnant preparing for pregnancy Mar 03, 2022

Pregnancy may feel like a long nine months at times. But sometimes the arrival of baby and consequent planning and preparation can catch you by surprise! One such surprise can be feeling unprepared to go on maternity leave. It can be a big pause in a person’s career at a pivotal time, and...

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Nutrition and Preparing for Pregnancy! nutrition pregnancy preparing for pregnancy May 01, 2021

Gut Health and Nutrition in Preparing for Pregnancy

Have you ever wondered which prenatal supplements are right for you?

Have you contemplated how to optimize your nutrition in preparation for your current or next pregnancy?

We have you covered! 

Listen to the podcast below to get all the...

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