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VBAC - How Do I Decide???

childbirth vbac May 22, 2021


Curious about your birthing options after having had a previous cesarean section?

We have you covered! For most women, you can either elect to have another cesarean section or you can opt for a Trial of Labor After Cesarean Section (aka TOLAC) in hopes of having a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (aka VBAC). 

Below you will find a quick summary of our podcast where Drs. Sarah and Alicia discuss the benefits and risks of TOLACs and VBACs.  But, please subscribe and listen to the podcast below to hear all the juicy details! 

So, you may be wondering, who would make a good candidate for a TOLAC? In general, you would be a good candidate for a TOLAC if you had a previous cesarean section for the following reasons: 

  1. Baby’s position (i.e. breech position or if your baby was looking up, as opposed to down to the ground) 
  2. Poor placental position (i.e. if the placenta was lying over the cervix) 
  3. Distressing fetal heart rate (too fast or too...
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