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In recent years, we have observed the increasingly high rate at which people turn to social media for healthcare information. We have also observed the alarmingly high rate of misinformation that was shared, and taken as reliable, that put our patients in harm’s way.

In light of this, we felt compelled to create an accessible online community, rich with evidence-based, trustworthy information to combat this worrisome trend. In March 2020 we launched an online health platform for pregnant and newly parenting individuals called She Found Health. 


Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah!

I am a family, maternity and addiction medicine physician. I work with a group of incredible female physicians where we do full service family practice and maternity care.  Before medical school I trained in epidemiology and community health, which ignited my passion for accessible and reliable health information!  

When I'm not working, I'm outside with my hubby and three boys. Other than that I like heading to yoga with friends, catching some live music or going for a trail run!

I'm Dr. Alicia!

I am a family doc who is passionate about the care of young families from pre pregnancy through the entire lifespan! I also work with Dr. Sarah at Grow Health. 

I started my medical journey with kinesiology, which instilled in me a passion for healthy living as medicine!

I love to get stronger so I can mountain bike and hike with my pup and family!! My favourite thing to do is have a good 'ole dance party with my two kiddos!


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