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These are our favourite courses which are geared towards YOU! Stuff that is out of our wheelhouse, or better taught by those with more expertise! 

Your Nourished Pregnancy Bootcamp

Noelle, a registered dietician and mom of 3, helps you navigate this exciting, yet overwhelming, journey of feeding yourself and your baby during and after pregnancy. 

Mini video lessons and downloadable tools delivered to your inbox weekly to help you overcome pregnancy challenges and meet your nutrition needs and health goals. The modules cover information from pre-pregnancy through to 3 months postpartum.

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Top 3 Tips to Creating a great milk supply

This FREE Webinar discusses three ways, in those first few days after birth, that you can set your self up for a good milk supply! I wish I had known these with my two babies!  Lindsay from Lactation Link is a breastfeeding specialist and pediatric nurse with three kiddos..so she gets it!

Infant First Aid and Car Seat Safety

Safe Beginnings offers amazing online courses for both infant first aid and car seat safety.  Use the code SHEFOUNDHEALTH to get 20% off any of their online courses

Postpartum Recovery with Mel, Pelvic Physio


Mell from Mommy Berries Physiotherapy is passionate about helping you prepare for and recover from childbirth! 

Physios are experts at helping us recover from musculoskeletal events, and childbirth is one of those events! Learn from an expert about how you can start recovering and rehabilitating your body right away! 

She has a great course on how to prepare your body for pregnancy and childbirth as well! 

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Start Solids Confidently!

Join Jess & Nita, registered dieticians and moms of 4 boys, to learn real-life tips and tricks on how to start your infant's feeding journey off to the best start! They base their lessons on evidence-based guidelines but bring their real-life experience to give you realistic advice and support!  Use code SFH15 to get you 15% off (good until dec 31, 2021)

Pregnancy Stuff!


What No One Tells You: A guide to your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood

Drs. Sacks and Birndorf discuss the complex emotions that pregnant people experience and how the transition to parenthood can be complex!  They provide a psychological and hormonal backstory to the complicated emotions that women experience and show why it’s natural for “matrescence”—the birth of a mother—to be as stressful and transformative a period as adolescence. This is a must read for every pregnant person!

Expecting Better - Emily Oster

If you want the data behind the recommendations in pregnancy...this is the book for you! An economist got frustrated with the generic recommendations and started to dig into the data!  SO GOOD!

ReCore Fit Splint prenatal and post partum! 

Great support belt for exercise and postpartum recovery! These are great for everyday use or just as you need them if you are going to exercise! 

Meiz Body Pillow

Great for getting comfy when sleeping! 

V2 Supporter

Got varicose veins in your vulva? Check out this support band...not going to fix them (only delivery will do that) but helps with the discomfort! 

HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method

HypnoBirthing, is similar to mindfulness, and can be a very powerful tool to manage both anxiety and pain around childbirth!  It may not be all you need but it s a fantastic tool in your tool kit!!!



My Breast Friend

Dr. Sarah's favourite breastfeeding pillow...and she did it for A LONG TIME!!!

Frida Postpartum Kit!

This is AMAZING!!! Everything you need in one easy kit for your postpartum recovery! Just get a peribottle and you are good to go! 

Hakaa Silicone Breast Pump

The Hakaa is great for collecting milk during a let down when you are feeding on the other side! Start getting your stash or use what you have collected to top up after a feed! 

Boba Wrap

We love the Boba wrap!! all you need in those first few months..keep them close and secure to you, while keeping your hands free to do what you need to do! 

Bravado Silk Seamless Nursing Bra!


Milkies Milk Saver

Are you leaking from one breast, when feeding your baby from the other?  You are not alone! Use Milkies to collect that liquid gold to store for later!  You can wear them anytime if you like!  What a handy way to now let any of that valuable breast milk go to waste! 

Medela Pump in Style

This is the pump we both used for our kiddos!  Great strength, and good price point! Medela has some other great products as well! 



Woolino Merino Wool Sleep Sacks

You guys know how much we love safety....and efficiency!  Will this amazing sleep sack has it all! Merino wool has the ability. to regulate baby's temperature whether it is warm or cold out!  That means you only need one sleep sack all year round! Its design means it grows with your baby as well! It also holds up so well you can plan on using it for multiple children! 

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If you are going to order via Amazon...become a prime member...it will save you 20% off of diapers!! That is a ton of $$ over the long run! 


Lovevery - Play Gym

Really...the only toy you need for the first few months to year of life! great contrast cards, fun toys and a soft mat to start tummy time on! 


These are THE MOST AMAZING baby onesies ever...with foldover hands and feets that cover those sharp nails and keep babes warm or cool...and the most amazing patterns...OMG....almost worth having another baby! 

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

This is a GAME CHANGER if you are feeding formula...put your formula powder and water into the machine, then anytime you need a bottle of formula it heats the water and measures everything out for you! Saves a ton of time each time you need to make a bottle! Always ensure it is dispensing the correct amount of formula for your baby's bottle!

Water based Baby Wipes

Baby's little bums can be so sensitive..so try to avoid harsh chemicals if you can!  these 99% water wipes are so great if you can't just use water on a cloth!  

Black Out Blinds

Anyone who has taken our Newborn 101 Sleep Course, will know that setting up your baby's sleep environment is key to their longterm sleep success, and yours...part of that is having a dark room! These portable black out curtains are a great option! 

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Looking for a planner? Here's one we love. 

We discovered Danielle LaPorte and her Desire Map Planner a few years ago and haven't looked back! Not only is it beautiful to look at, but it also makes you feel beautiful too! It focuses not only on organization but also helps be intentional about how you plan your days and weeks building in physical and mental wellness as well! 

Uresta Bladder Support for Women: Stop Pee Leaks Before they Happen!

  • Clinically proven to be safe and highly effective at significantly reducing or stopping bladder leaks.
  • Uresta is reusable and lasts for a year. Safe for use all day, or just when you need it. Perfect for active moms on the go who don't want to let leaks slow them down.
  • Easy to insert & remove. Cleans with soap & water.
  • Comfortable - you won’t even know its there! 

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