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6 Things No One Talks About Postpartum

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6 Things No One Talks About Postpartum

Let’s cut right to the chase - Drs. Alicia and Sarah have compiled a list of 6 things no one tells you about postpartum! Tune in to learn more about what to expect from the unexpected (yet all perfectly normal)! And follow the links they reference below for more related resources, guides, and tips.

1. Postpartum Hair Loss

 At about three months postpartum, most people actually notice losing their hair. This is because during pregnancy, the hair has actually paused its normal growth and shedding cycling and it's just getting back to its typical pattern postpartum! Within about three to six months postpartum, your hair should go back to its normal cycle, but it can seem alarming as it may come out in clumps. But don’t worry - this is just hair you normally would have shed if the process wasn’t paused during pregnancy. Consider using a volumizing shampoo or getting a haircut that may make your hair appear fuller. 

Hair loss may also occur due to...

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