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Choosing a Car Seat & Car Seat Safety

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Choosing a Car Seat & Car Seat Safety

Why do we even bother with car seats? This may seem like a silly question today, with stories of days gone by where babies were driven in old Chevrolets held in their parents laps seem rightfully scary! But looking at the statistics on car seat safety offers a strong reminder to take care that both the seat you choose and installation is done with full consideration of best practices and proper use.

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of preventable death in children ages one through nine in Canada. Driving is one of the most dangerous things that we do, and most of us do it on a daily basis with our children in the mix. Child safety seats have been shown to reduce fatal injury by 71% for infants under 1 year, 54% for toddlers ages 1-4 years, and 45% for children ages 4-8 years. Sadly, public clinics indicate that as many as 90% of child restraints are installed or used improperly. A car seat is a life-saving device, but it can only protect your child if it is installed...

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