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You are not Broken: Sex and Libido in Pregnancy and Postpartum with Dr. Kelly Casperson

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You are not Broken: Sex and Libido in Pregnancy and Postpartum with Dr. Kelly Casperson

Today’s podcast starts and ends with a BANG! It’s a topic that implicates neuroscience, hormones, human relationships, the physical body, the societal body - and yet sex and libido in pregnancy and postpartum is so rarely spoken about and so many couples struggle with in silence. But Dr. Kelly Casperson is here to the rescue! Originally a urologist with advanced training in pelvic medicine and surgery, Dr. Casperson shifted her practice toward sexual health and intimacy when she discovered so many women struggled with it, especially postpartum, and felt lost and helpless. Data shows that 70% of people struggle with sex after having a baby. But there IS something you can do about it, starting with listening to this extremely illuminating and interesting episode. You are not broken.

Open and Honest Conversation

Perhaps the most seemingly simple, important and yet rarely exercised step toward a better sex life at any stage of life - and even more importantly during the...

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Preparing for Pregnancy - Our Top Ten Tips!

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Take control of your fertility! 

Some experts call this making your reproductive health plan, others call it family planning. What does this really mean? It means taking a step back and looking at the overall life goals you’ve set for yourself and where, if at all, you see children fitting in with your goals for your education, career, travel etc. Check out this free resource to help guide you here.  And if you’re currently sexually active and NOT wanting to get pregnant talk to your health care provider today about reliable options for preventing pregnancy. Learn about your...

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Birth Plan

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