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Building Stronger Partnerships: The Benefits of Discussing Your Birth Plan and How to Have the Conversation becoming a mother birth birth plan childbirth childbirth preparation couple financial planning new parents parenthood postpartum support pregnancy care Feb 13, 2024

This Valentine's Day, we're shaking things up and bringing sexy back—sexy communication, that is! Instead of the typical flowers and chocolates, we’re discussing ways to prep for pregnancy and strengthen your relationship by setting the stage for a beautiful family ahead. Yes, we're...

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How Pregnancy, Pregnancy Loss, and Parenthood Changes your Couple Story counseling couple married couple parenthood parents pregnancy loss relationship May 26, 2021

We talk lots about the impact of pregnancy loss on the pregnant person, and the challenges of postpartum as a culture, but we also need to talk more about how these life experiences impact you as a couple and how it changes your couple story. 


Dr. Sarah had the opportunity to talk...

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