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Preterm Birth

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Preterm Birth

There is a lot doctors and scientists still don’t fully understand about what includes labour, both pre and at term. But we do know that there are treatments that can reduce your chance of having a preterm birth, especially if you have had one in the past. Studies have shown that prenatal education is a key factor in reducing preterm birth rates, which can be crucial in creating a more positive overall birth experience both physically and mentally for mama and baby. So just by listening to this podcast you could be setting yourself upon a healthier journey into parenthood!

Preterm birth can be especially traumatic for those living in remote communities with limited access to specialized healthcare and newborn intensive care units (NICUs). This is why in 2018 Drs. Kirsten Duckitt and Jennifer Kask, our guests on today’s podcast, developed a prevention of preterm birth pathway in Northern Vancouver Island that is spreading to other remote communities. They share with us a...

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Hypnobirthing...could it be for you?

birth hypnobirthing Jul 15, 2021

Have you ever thought about hypnobirthing? Curious to understand exactly what it means? Check out our latest podcast with Melanie Bearne from Better Birth Stories.  

Melanie is the founder of Better Birth Stories - Hypnobirthing & Positive Birth. She is a Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist, an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner and an experienced Hypnobirthing teacher. She lives in Wandsworth, London with her partner, 3 awesome kids, and their rescue chihuahua.



Hypnobirthing focuses on three key spaces.

1. What is your understanding of birth, looking at your belief systems and past experiences of birth. 

2. Reviewing and understanding the physiology of birth. 

3. Understanding your birthing landscape. 


If you're preparing for birth, we'd also invite you to check out our free birth planning webinar series where we walk you through creating your own birth preferences and planning document please check it out here!


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Preparing your Perineum for Birth

Many pregnant people we connect with often ask about how to prepare for birth. We thought we’d share a few of our tips about how specifically to prepare your perineum for birth! 


A lot of people are concerned about vaginal tears during birth. These are extremely common, especially for nulliparous women (women who have not previously given birth). 


The good news is, there are some simple techniques that you can practice at home to reduce your risk of tearing and reduce the need for an episiotomy (when your care provider makes a small cut along your perineum to help baby birth safely). 


Perineal massage, which is the process of gently stretching out your pelvic floor muscles before birth, has been shown in studies to reduce the likelihood of perineal trauma (mostly episiotomy) and ongoing perineal pain. 


We have a handout for perineal massage and you can find it here. We provide an overview of its benefits, and how to perform it!...

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To TOLAC or not to TOLAC...that is the question!!!

birth cesarean section Apr 01, 2020

TOLAC stands for Trial of Labour after Cesarean Section and if it is successful it ends in a VBAC Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section.  Check out our free Birth Plan Download here! 

Why are we talking about this you might ask?  Because it is a question that many women struggle with and their thoughts are influenced by many different things.  We think it is so important for women, and their partners, to understand all of the potential issues and then make a decision based on good sound information that is right for their family!!! 

Now as usual, it is important to discuss this with your care provider, as there will be some people who do not fall into this discussion, and other issues may factor into the decision that we do not touch on...but this should cover the Broad strokes!!!


Why Try for a VBAC?

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to try for a successful VBAC here are a few!

  • Planning on having multiple pregnancies
  • Wanting to try to have a...
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Birth Plan

Check out your free birth plan template here!