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Preparing for Maternity Leave!

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Preparing for Maternity Leave!

Pregnancy may feel like a long nine months at times. But sometimes the arrival of baby and consequent planning and preparation can catch you by surprise! One such surprise can be feeling unprepared to go on maternity leave. It can be a big pause in a person’s career at a pivotal time, and transitioning into and out of it can be a tricker maneuver than it seems. This is precisely why today’s guest, Sonja Baikogli Foley, co-founded Maturn,  Canada’s first comprehensive program supporting self-identifying women throughout their entire maternity leave. Sonja co-founded Maturn out of a desire to support women and turn maternity leave into an intentional year. A proud mother of two, she is driven to build a more equitable, compassionate and inclusive world for future generations. Join Sonja and Dr. Alicia as they discuss how to prepare for maternity leave.

Top 4 Tips for Preparing for Maternity Leave

  1. Create an intentional transition plan.  

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