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You are not Broken: Sex and Libido in Pregnancy and Postpartum with Dr. Kelly Casperson

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You are not Broken: Sex and Libido in Pregnancy and Postpartum with Dr. Kelly Casperson

Today’s podcast starts and ends with a BANG! It’s a topic that implicates neuroscience, hormones, human relationships, the physical body, the societal body - and yet sex and libido in pregnancy and postpartum is so rarely spoken about and so many couples struggle with in silence. But Dr. Kelly Casperson is here to the rescue! Originally a urologist with advanced training in pelvic medicine and surgery, Dr. Casperson shifted her practice toward sexual health and intimacy when she discovered so many women struggled with it, especially postpartum, and felt lost and helpless. Data shows that 70% of people struggle with sex after having a baby. But there IS something you can do about it, starting with listening to this extremely illuminating and interesting episode. You are not broken.

Open and Honest Conversation

Perhaps the most seemingly simple, important and yet rarely exercised step toward a better sex life at any stage of life - and even more importantly during the...

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Pelvic Physio in pregnancy - How it can help constipation, painful sex and prepare for delivery!


Krstya, from Cairn Physiotherapy, joins us to discuss the benefits of Pelvic Physiotherapy during pregnancy! 

We discuss the benefits of pelvic physio when it comes to training your pelvic floor for delivery.  Krysta also reviews many of the other topics she talks about with clients including setting up your environment, learning different positions to labour and push in, and how to train for those positions.  

We also discuss pelvic dysfunction and what this can look like in pregnancy, including constipation, urinary leakage and painful sex, and the role pelvic physio has in helping these conditions. 

We briefly touch on the role of pelvic physio in postpartum recovery, and when you should book your appointment to see them after delivery!

We hope you will listen to this week's podcast in full, subscribe and leave a great review! 

Also...don't forget to call your favourite Pelvic Physio!!!

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