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You are not Broken: Sex and Libido in Pregnancy and Postpartum with Dr. Kelly Casperson painful sex in pregnancy sex in postpartum sex in pregnacy sexual health May 25, 2022

Today’s podcast starts and ends with a BANG! It’s a topic that implicates neuroscience, hormones, human relationships, the physical body, the societal body - and yet sex and libido in pregnancy and postpartum is so rarely spoken about and so many couples struggle with in silence. But...

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Pelvic Physio in pregnancy - How it can help constipation, painful sex and prepare for delivery! birth positions childbirth education constipation in pregnancy first trimester first trimester symptoms fourth trimester painful sex in pregnancy pelvic physio physiotherapy in pregnancy postpartum pregnancy pregnancy care pregnancy symptoms she found motherhood urinary incontinence in pregnancy urinary leakage Jan 27, 2021


Krstya, from Cairn Physiotherapy, joins us to discuss the benefits of Pelvic Physiotherapy during pregnancy! 

We discuss the benefits of pelvic physio when it comes to training your pelvic floor for delivery.  Krysta also reviews many of the other topics she talks about with...

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