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GDM Tips and Tricks from a Dietitian

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GDM Tips and Tricks from a Dietitian

We want to remove the notion of guilt right off the bat - gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) can happen to any pregnant person. Due to complex pathophysiological systems at play in pregnancy, that can cause insulin resistance among other things, sometimes gestational diabetes cannot be avoided. But today’s podcast, featuring Noelle Martin, RD, maternal dietician and co-founder of Nourished Beginnings, will provide you with a bunch of tips & tricks for managing your blood sugar levels confidently!

Gestational diabetes occurs due to something called insulin resistance. It means that your body is still making insulin, but your cells can’t use it. The body undergoes a lot of hormonal shifts during pregnancy, due to the presence of the placenta among other things, that cause it to handle carbohydrates differently, especially in the second trimester. Stress can also spike blood sugar levels. If you’ve tested positive for gestational diabetes, health practitioners...

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Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy


Gestational Diabetes


Gestational Diabetes is defined as Diabetes occurring during pregnancy, that was not present prior to becoming pregnant. In our most recent podcast, we discuss gestational diabetes tips and gestational diabetes diet.  We also review what are the risk factors for gestational diabetes and how your baby can be affected by gestational diabetes.  Here is a quick review of what we cover, but be sure to listen to our podcast to get more information on all of these areas around gestational diabetes in pregnancy. 

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The major hormone involved in diabetes is Insulin. 


During pregnancy, our tissues become less sensitive to insulin, which means our body needs to secrete more and more of it to have the same effect.


We don’t understand entirely why this happens in Pregnancy, but it is related to hormones produced by the placenta, and also partly by other...

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Birth Plan

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