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Part I: How to Choose a Pregnancy Care Provider

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Part I: How to Choose a Pregnancy Care Provider

This is Part I of our three part mini-series on Pregnancy Care! On today’s episode, Drs. Alicia and Sarah address a question they get asked a lot: how to choose a pregnancy care provider! It’s one of the first major decisions you make in pregnancy, and often an overwhelming one as you try to navigate the different options and which one is best for you. Read on to review the different options and how to choose the best one for you. 

Top Three Types of Pregnancy Care

There is an underlying expectation that all types of care providers provide the same basic standard of care to all pregnant patients, regardless of where you are or who you choose as your care provider. You should ensure that the care provider you are considering is licensed to provide pregnancy care and is in good standing. There are other care providers who may support you through your pregnancy, such as physiotherapists, naturopaths or chiropractors, but they are not medically trained to support you...

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