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Perimenopause and Nutrition health tips menopause nutrition perimenopause vitamin d women's health Jan 09, 2024

On today’s episode, Dr. Alicia Power speaks to Kristen Yarker, a registered dietician in Victoria, BC and founder of The Kristen Yarker Nutrition Agency, with a combined 30 years of training and experience guiding people through the perimenopause and menopause period. While this time of...

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Coronavirus....How to slow the spread through Social Distancing! women's health Mar 13, 2020



What is COVID - 19:


This is a virus, which is present across the world at this point.  It is a new virus, which we do not have much information on; but rest assured we are learning every day. 

What we think we know includes that it is spread by large droplets...

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Getting Pregnant! Part 1....understanding your menstrual cycle. pregnancy women's health Mar 04, 2020
All right ladies! Hoping to Get Pregnant? 

The first step to learning about hormonal imbalance, is to know how your hormones work in the first place!!! 

So we are going to dive deep into the normal menstrual cycle, how it is controlled, and some of the common things that can make it go...

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