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Coronavirus....How to slow the spread through Social Distancing!

women's health Mar 14, 2020



What is COVID - 19:


This is a virus, which is present across the world at this point.  It is a new virus, which we do not have much information on; but rest assured we are learning every day. 

What we think we know includes that it is spread by large droplets (coughing, sneezing) and comes in to our bodies by our mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth etc).  It is extremely contagious, and for the most part, in young healthy people, will cause mostly mild symptoms.

 However, we also know that people over the age of 60, and those with chronic medical conditions, are at a higher risk of having more severe symptoms. 

So what we need to do as a population is implement measures, which we can all do, to help slow the rate of transmission.  We need to do this as our resources to help people are limited. 

 Why? Well, if we all get sick at the same time, there will be a large spike in people who need hospitalization and intensive...

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Getting Pregnant! Part 1....understanding your menstrual cycle.

pregnancy women's health Mar 04, 2020
All right ladies! Hoping to Get Pregnant? 

The first step to learning about hormonal imbalance, is to know how your hormones work in the first place!!! 

So we are going to dive deep into the normal menstrual cycle, how it is controlled, and some of the common things that can make it go a bit "wonky". 


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What is it?

The menstrual cycle generally starts in early adolescence - average age around 12, and occurs until menopause - average age of 51.  It occurs every 21-35 days, lasting for 3-8 days and amounting in between 2-3 tablespoons of blood per cycle.  

As you can see, there is a wide variation in what is considered normal, and that is OKAY! 

Why does it happen?

The lining of the uterus builds up every month in preparation for a potential pregnancy.  When your body has been signalled by hormones that it is not pregnant (a drop in progesterone) and the lining of your uterus is shed....

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Birth Plan

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