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Part II: Your First Prenatal Appointment!

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Part II: Your First Prenatal Appointment!

This is Part II of our three part mini-series on Pregnancy Care! On today’s episode, Drs. Alicia and Sarah share with us what you can expect at your first prenatal visit. Generally speaking, maternity care providers would like to see you between your sixth and ninth week of pregnancy for your first visit. If you're experiencing significant nausea or other concerning symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach-out to your provider sooner and they will try to address your concerns and manage symptoms! 

What to Expect?

The simplest answer is: lots of questions from your maternity care provider! Expect a longer appointment depending on your medical and pregnancy history. Your clinic may even have a hand-out for patients and care providers to complete together. An example of the types of questions you may be asked include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Getting to know you and your partner: age, what you do for work, any pertinent personal beliefs, etc
  • Pregnancy history: have you been...
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Birth Plan

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