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COVID-19 & Vaccines in Newborns and Young Kids!

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COVID-19 & Vaccines in Newborns and Young Kids!

As we all continue to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, today’s podcast is a recap of Dr. Sarah’s IGTV live discussion around the pandemic & vaccines in newborns and young kids with Dr. Rebekah Diamond, M.D. and founder of Parent like a Pediatrician.

It is hard to navigate all of the information that is being thrown our way daily. When it comes to kids, there seem to be two predominant narratives; the first is that COVID is super scary and everyone's going to have something horrible happen if they go near COVID, and the second is that COVID is no big deal, especially for kids.

COVID-19 remains the disease that tends not to affect children with as much intensity and acute illness, risk is less than it might be for a lot of other things that we worry about in pediatrics, but it's not zero. In addition to the Delta variant appearing to be a bit more virulent, protecting kids from COVID-19 just makes sense. Like with most parenting, we must weigh the risks of...

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