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Part III: Testing for Infertility with Dr. Mills alcohol and fertility causes of infertility fertility fertility preservation May 18, 2022

By now you’re probably familiar with Dr. Ginevra Mills. She's an obstetrician gynecologist with a specialty in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, a special interest in PCOS and lifelong health, and she's got three young kiddos of her own! We’ve been talking to her about...

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Top 9 Things that affect Fertility! alcohol and fertility fertility irregular periods pcos she found motherhood smoking and fertility thyroid and fertility trying to conceive ttc Mar 17, 2021



Top 9 Things that affect fertility: Here is a quick review of the 9 causes of infertility!! Listen to our podcast for more details around each of these topics! 


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Irregular or absent menstrual cycle: a...

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