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Preterm Birth

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Preterm Birth

There is a lot doctors and scientists still don’t fully understand about what includes labour, both pre and at term. But we do know that there are treatments that can reduce your chance of having a preterm birth, especially if you have had one in the past. Studies have shown that prenatal education is a key factor in reducing preterm birth rates, which can be crucial in creating a more positive overall birth experience both physically and mentally for mama and baby. So just by listening to this podcast you could be setting yourself upon a healthier journey into parenthood!

Preterm birth can be especially traumatic for those living in remote communities with limited access to specialized healthcare and newborn intensive care units (NICUs). This is why in 2018 Drs. Kirsten Duckitt and Jennifer Kask, our guests on today’s podcast, developed a prevention of preterm birth pathway in Northern Vancouver Island that is spreading to other remote communities. They share with us a...

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Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy


Gestational Diabetes


Gestational Diabetes is defined as Diabetes occurring during pregnancy, that was not present prior to becoming pregnant. In our most recent podcast, we discuss gestational diabetes tips and gestational diabetes diet.  We also review what are the risk factors for gestational diabetes and how your baby can be affected by gestational diabetes.  Here is a quick review of what we cover, but be sure to listen to our podcast to get more information on all of these areas around gestational diabetes in pregnancy. 

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The major hormone involved in diabetes is Insulin. 


During pregnancy, our tissues become less sensitive to insulin, which means our body needs to secrete more and more of it to have the same effect.


We don’t understand entirely why this happens in Pregnancy, but it is related to hormones produced by the placenta, and also partly by other...

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Birth Plan

Check out your free birth plan template here!