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Returning to Running after Cesarean Birth exercise in postpartum exercise in pregnancy postpartum body postpartum core postpartum exercise Jul 13, 2022

Today’s episode talks about returning to running after a Cesarean birth - but don’t be fooled by this seemingly narrow focus. The episode is chock-full of essential information about pelvic floors, scar tissue, and exercise that is useful for those pregnant, not pregnant, non-runners,...

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Diastasis recti in pregnancy - what it is, why it happens, and what we can do about it! childbirth childbirth education diastasis diastasis recti exercise in pregnance fourth trimester kim vopni postpartum postpartum body postpartum core postpartum exercise postpartum fitness pregnant she found motherhood the vagina coach Mar 10, 2021


Diastasis Recti:


Diastasis Recti is a separation of the rectus abdominus muscles, that run up and down in our abdomen, known as the “six-pack” muscles.  It occurs during pregnancy due to stretching from a growing uterus and baby and a weakening of the connective...

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