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Preterm Birth

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Preterm Birth

There is a lot doctors and scientists still don’t fully understand about what includes labour, both pre and at term. But we do know that there are treatments that can reduce your chance of having a preterm birth, especially if you have had one in the past. Studies have shown that prenatal education is a key factor in reducing preterm birth rates, which can be crucial in creating a more positive overall birth experience both physically and mentally for mama and baby. So just by listening to this podcast you could be setting yourself upon a healthier journey into parenthood!

Preterm birth can be especially traumatic for those living in remote communities with limited access to specialized healthcare and newborn intensive care units (NICUs). This is why in 2018 Drs. Kirsten Duckitt and Jennifer Kask, our guests on today’s podcast, developed a prevention of preterm birth pathway in Northern Vancouver Island that is spreading to other remote communities. They share with us a...

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Having a Baby in the NICU


 What happens when your baby ends up in the NICU after delivery, and you don't expect it?  So many questions come to mind!  Will my baby be okay?  How often should I visit my baby in the NICU? Will I be able to breastfeed my baby in the NICU?  How do I know my baby is okay? 


Dr. Jasmina and I both had babies that ended up being in the NICU after our labour and delivery experience, and neither of us expected it! In this podcast we discuss our birth story, and why our babies ended up spending time in the NICU. 


We review our top tips about how to improve communication with your child's care team including nurses, physicians and social workers, and how to ensure you can be involved in your baby's care as much as you are comfortable with. 


We discuss our top tips on how to make sure your milk supply is adequate and so you can supply your baby with their nutritional needs, even if you can't breastfeed your...

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Birth Plan

Check out your free birth plan template here!