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Maternity Photography with Island Roots Photography

celebration maternity photoshoot newborn photography pregnancy pregnancy photoshoot Mar 22, 2023
She Found Health
Maternity Photography with Island Roots Photography

Have you ever seen those photos of a pregnant friend walking in a field, their two toddlers happily in tow, or a newborn baby wrapped up in a blanket sleeping like a sweet cherub? You may have had several thoughts, such as that your young children would never stay still long enough for a photo where all of you look good! Or you think, ‘I’d love to get shots with my newborn but I can barely get out of the house to see the doctor, let alone a photographer’!

Today, Amanda from Island Roots Photography specializing in motherhood and family photos, shares with us her view from behind the lens, including tips and tricks for maternity shoots and her recommendations for how to get the right shots for you, that your family and children will treasure for years to come.

The Basics.

A couple of weeks or months leading up to the shoot, a photographer will typically touch base with you around your vision for the shoot - where you’d like to have it, wardrobe options, time of day, etc. The photographer will also likely bring in their own ideas or concepts they’d like to try, but ultimately it’s a collaboration! A studio such as Island Roots Photography has a closet with wardrobe options you can pick-out beforehand that look particularly great on film! Typically a photographer might shoot two looks (two different outfits) within the shoot. Think of any other accessories you may want, like blankets or hats!

The Timing.

Timing maternity or postpartum shoots can be tricky! While some may feel inclined to wait to do their maternity photoshoot very late into their pregnancy, Amanada recommends not waiting too late, somewhere between 28-34 weeks being best - with 30-32 weeks being the sweet spot! You never know exactly what the end of your pregnancy might look like and when baby will come. Mobility may also be more of an issue later in pregnancy. And with a growing belly and changing body, self-perception issues may arise creating discomfort the longer your wait. You know yourself best, so keep in mind what makes you feel most comfortable and your photographer will follow suit!

The #1 Piece of Advice!

What is Amanda’s number one piece of advice for both pregnancy and newborn/family shoots? Try to relax. This isn’t a command, but rather an invitation to do your best to accept the often unpredictable and maybe at times hectic circumstances. Are you children running around and refusing to sit still? Let them! Once they get some energy out, we’re likely to get a great shot! Don’t have time to go to a photography studio? Photographers can arrange to come to your home and take lifestyle photos of you and your bundle of joy. You don’t have to clean the entire house or stress over how you look - often the best shots are spontaneous moments of genuine emotion, in your environment, reflecting your life in its full, messy, glory!

And one more last piece of advice: the right lighting will make everything better. Whether choosing the time of day, or finding the right spot in your home with the best natural light, trust your photographer’s guidance who knows what will look good on film!

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Header photo credit: Island Roots Photography.

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