Empower Your Birth

Do you want to have the best birth you can? 

Do you want to thrive, not just survive the fourth trimester?

Drs. Sarah and Alicia want that for you and they have the knowledge, and lived experience, to empower you to do this!

I want to be prepared!

Why This Course?

I remember going into the birth of my son, anxious and scared at what might happen, while being so excited to meet him! It is such a scary and joyous time!  Even though it did not go as I had hoped, I felt prepared going in and was able to come out proud and strong with a healthy little boy in my arms!  I was luckier than most, as I had the medical knowledge to prepare me for the decisions I had to make. 

- Dr. Alicia 


The delivery of my second son was a scary experience. His heart rate was abnormal and I ended up needing an operative vaginal delivery.  This could have been a traumatic experience if I hadn't had the knowledge and wisdom I had from my training and experience doing obstetrics and delivering babies. 

- Dr. Sarah 


 We understand that most women do not have the knowledge and experience that we do from our training and the work we do day to day helping families bring new babies into this world.

That's why we created this course; to share our collective knowledge from our years of training and working with women and their families helping to bring new life into this world as well as the wisdom we've gained through our own birth and postpartum experiences. 

Do you feel prepared for birth? Are you worried about what might, or might not, happen? 

We can help you and your partner feel more prepared and less anxious going into your birth!

Drs. Sarah and Alicia will take you through the last few weeks of the pregnancy. 

They will then review the normal labour and delivery process, and where and how things can go a bit ... sideways and if that happens how to be informed and involved the the decision making process. 

Drs. Sarah and Alicia will help to empower yourself to make the decisions you need to keep you and your baby safe, while having the best birth you can. 

They will then help to set you up for the best fourth trimester you can as a postpartum mom with a newborn baby!

What will you and your partner get out of this course?

Module 1: Preparing for Delivery

  • Packing your bags
  • Creating a Birth Plan
  • How your body changes in those last few weeks
  • Preparing your perineum
  • Monitoring your pregnancy
  • Do I need a Doula?
  • Breathing Techniques (coming soon)
  • How the partner can prepare (coming soon)

Module 2: Labour

  • Getting into Labour
  • Rupture of Membranes
  • Active Labour and Pain Management
  • Induction of Labour
  • Baby's Position and How it can affect Labour
  • The Hospital Team 

Module 3: Delivery

  • Pushing
  • Vaginal Delivery, Forceps, Vacuum and Cesarean Section
  • The Placenta
  • Tour of the Labour & Delivery Room
  • Tour of the operating room
  • Delivery Complications
  • Special Circumstances (Twins, VBAC)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation - What if my baby needs help?

Module 4: Postpartum and Newborn

  • PP Blues, Depression and Anxiety
  • PP Bleeding
  • Perineal Care
  • Exercise Post Partum
  • Infant Feeding
  • Newborn Care Basics
  • Swaddling your baby. 

Watch on your schedule!

Life is busy enough! With our course, there is no need to fit it into specific time in your already busy schedule. 

Watch when you want, where you want. Watch it on your couch in your PJ's if you want! 

Access for up to two years! 

You have access to the course for up to two years from when you purchase.

So you can re-watch as much as you need leading up to birth AND if you have another baby review for the second time around!

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Do you want to prepare yourself for whatever comes your way during labour and delivery?  Do you and your partner want to be confident in the decisions you make to bring your beautiful baby into the world healthy and happy?  We truly believe that after this course you will feel confident and empowered to do just this!

I want the course Please!!!

Who are the Instructors? 

We, Drs. Sarah and Alicia, are family physicians who specialize in the care of young families from conception on. 

We have supported 1000’s of women and their partners just like you through this amazing time. 

We have 5 kiddos between the two of us and have gone through it all! 

We are passionate about empowering women with knowledge about childbirth and the early postpartum and newborn period. 

We want you to have the best birth you can, and thrive, not just survive in the fourth trimester!

Yes I Want It!

I want to go into my birth prepared! I want my partner and myself to feel confident going into our birth and postpartum time! 

I want the course!

 “This course was great! I felt prepared going into my birth experience!  Drs. Sarah and Alicia were real and down to earth!”


 "This course is really good! I learned a ton, and considering that this is going to be my number two...that is saying something!"


"A very in-depth course from two personable and experienced doctors. They take you all the way from packing your hospital bag to how to swaddle your newborn, and when it's ok to exercise post-partum! Along with all the in-depth medical info and options for the actual birthing process. A highly valuable resource! I'm sure I'll review it several times over the next few months leading up to my delivery."