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Our Top 10 Fun Things To Do During Pregnancy!

fun pregnancy Oct 30, 2020

Are you pregnant? In the first or early second trimester?

Well we have some tips for you that we wish we had known about in our pregnancies!!!

Pregnancy is such an amazing time in our lives, but sometimes we can feel really gross...so we put together our top 10 fun things to do in early pregnancy...to help focus on those fun things! 

Pregnancy Journal

We often forget what happens to us during certain experiences, and looking back can be so fun and bring back some great memories!  Pregnancy is no different...this is such a special time for many women with many changes occurring! 

Take 5 minutes a day or week to write down things that happened, how you are feeling (good or bad) what are your hopes and worries, and what are you looking forward to!!

You can even work on your gratitude or positivity journaling at the same time, which we know is protective for mental health as well!  


Take some serial pics

Similar to journaling, it is fun to see how your body is changing over the pregnancy, so document it weekly or every couple of weeks...try to choose a consistent outfit (leggings and a t-shirt for example that are one color, with a clean background and good lighting.

This is so fun to look back on, especially with your first pregnancy! Also, it's fun for your kiddos to look back on! 


Start a list of names

Some people know what their kiddos names are even prior to getting pregnant! But others do not...so keep a notebook, or a section on your phone to keep a list ongoing of names you like! 

This will change over pregnancy, and when pregnancy brain starts you will forget the names you heard earlier that day!! 


Learn some hacks to prolong your clothes

You are going to need maternity clothes…..especially pants...so invest early on once your pants start getting tight!!

Get a couple of good pairs of leggings, and a pair of jeans and work pants.  A skirt if you like skirts as well and you should be good to go! I

f you have a favorite pair of jeans you can certainly extend their use for a bit through the first and second trimester with a belly band or pant extenders.  


Invest in some maternity clothes (or better yet borrow from a friend!)

Like we said above, invest in a few good pieces, but you could also ask a friend who was recently pregnant to borrow some of them!!

We use them for such a short period of time it can be hard to buy new ones.  Also, look into second-hand clothing stores for maternity wear. 


Look at childcare options

I know….it seems crazy to start thinking about this so early...but it can be necessary for some communities to get on lists early. 

So start doing some research...put your name on some daycares (you can take them off later) early and then talk to friends, etc.   

Start some Pinterest boards

Who doesn't love Pinterest? So much fun looking at ideas for pregnancy photoshoots, nursery design, baby photos etc...sometimes we can have tough pregnancies, and we need a little pick me up! Did you know we have a Pinterest site??? Well, we do! Check it out here!! 


Make a list of things you need (not want) and keep an eye out for them with friends/craigslist/Facebook buy and sell etc 

Baby stuff is expensive, and often not necessary...but if there are some things you know you really want or must-have, start making a list!

For larger items like strollers, bassinettes etc...you can often find this stuff on big sales or on used sites.  We have a postpartum must-have list you can check out here! 

Sign up for an amazon prime account!!

20% off diapers when you are signed up as an amazon prime. I cloth diapered my first...but I wish I knew about this for my second!  If you have an amazon prime account you can get 20% off your diaper orders...that is a ton of money if you are planning on using disposable diapers!! Check out the link here if you're interested in learning more!

Start Following Us!!

Last, but certainly not least….start following us! We have tons of free content on all things pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and newborn! Did you know we have a podcast, YouTube channel, and we are on Instagram

We also have a great online childbirth class which helps to decrease your anxiety going into childbirth so you can feel more confident and empowered going through the process and be able to enjoy the experience and relish those first moments of holding your baby!!  


We've also got a YouTube VLOG where we chat a bit more in detail about this! If VLOG is your style...then come check it out below!  


Happy pregnancy everyone! 


Dr's Sarah & Alicia 


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