She Found Motherhood Podcast

Drs. Sarah and Alicia strive to bring you high quality, evidence based information to help empower you with knowledge so you can move through your journey from pregnancy to postpartum with confidence! 

Podcast Review

"I discovered She Found Health on Instagram while trying to conceive, and am so happy I didd! Their down-to-earth, practical, science-backed approach to sharing important information about pregnancy is really wonderful and helps me feel informed and empowered to ask questions of my primary care provider. Thank you for your work!"


Conception and Pregnancy

From trying to conceive through the third trimester we cover all things you need to know about! 



From preparing for pregnancy to going home from the hospital, we got you covered!


Postpartum and Newborn

The Fourth Trimester is full of new changes & learnings for you and your baby!


Empower yourself with knowledge!

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