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Top 10 Fun Things to do in Pregnancy!

early pregnancy first trimester fun pregnant Feb 16, 2022
She Found Health
Top 10 Fun Things to do in Pregnancy!

With today’s episode, we’re excited to introduce a new project that we’ve been working on! Presenting you a sneak peek of our upcoming Pregnancy to Parenthood Podcast Series, designed to support you week by week with informative episodes focused on the trimester and stage of pregnancy you are in. Tune in every week, or binge listen all at once and come back to the episodes you found most helpful as you move through pregnancy to parenthood!

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Things to do in Pregnancy that we hope will help you slow down a bit and take advantage of this amazing time. Follow the links for discounts and affiliate codes that help us fund this important work. Check out our list of Top 10 Things to do When you Find out you are Pregnant to start. Enjoy!

Top 10 Fun Things to do in Pregnancy

  1. Keep a pregnancy journal. Here is one of our favourite Gratitude Journals, and our favourite Pregnancy Journal.
  2. Take serial photos of your pregnancy journey
  3. Start compiling a list of names!
  4. Learn hacks to prolong your clothes into pregnancy
  5. Invest in a few maternity clothes staples, or better yet - borrow from a friend!
  6. Start researching childcare options
  7. Start some Pinterest Boards - a great place for inspiration as well as child life hacks! Check out the She Found Motherhood Pinterest Board!
  8. Make a list of things you’ll need once baby arrives
  9. Sign up for Amazon Prime and get 20% off of diapers delivered to your door! Also use this link to try Audible Premium Plus Free for 30 days! 
  10. Follow us on social media! Instagram | TikTok | YouTube | Facebook

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