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Top 5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

anemia constipation in pregnancy fatigue morning sickness nausea and vomiting pregnancy pregnancy care pregnancy symptoms pregnant Sep 06, 2023
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Top 5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms

“Omg! I think I might be pregnant!?” This is often the first thought that crosses our mind in early pregnancy, before we have the chance to take a test or see our provider! So what are some early pregnancy symptoms to look out for? Let’s dive right in!


Commonly known as morning sickness, one important thing to know about nausea in early pregnancy is that not everybody gets it! Another perhaps lesser known fact is that it can occur at any time of the day, not just mornings. Women and people who are pregnant with twins or multiples have higher HCG levels, the hormone that causes nausea in pregnancy, and are therefore more likely to experience it. One tip for lessening nausea if you do get it is to not let yourself get too hungry throughout the day - keep some snacks close at hand, especially some high in protein! Sour foods can help as well. Another thing that might help is actually ditching your prenatal vitamins and simply taking folic acid alongside kids’ chewables. Kids’s vitamins are recommended due to their levels of vitamin A, and chewables tend to be easier on the digestive systems than capsules. If none of these work, some medication can be prescribed in severe cases. To learn more, listen to our first ever podcast on Morning Sickness: The low down on nausea and vomiting in pregnancy!

Constipation and Bloating

Progesterone, the hormone that drives a lot of the changes in pregnancy, can also cause a slowing down of the bowels. Hydration and simple movement such as walks or yoga help to keep things moving! A bit of caffeine is also safe in pregnancy if that helps - up to 200 mg per day. If those things don’t work, PEG 3350 laxatives such as MiraLAX, Clearlax, GlycoLax are safe to use in pregnancy. Check out our podcast on Constipation & Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy: How to Treat Naturally at Home for more tips!


Sadly, acne can commonly make an appearance in early pregnancy. Salicylic Acid, applied topically to reduce inflammation and generally encourage cell turn-over, should be safe to use in pregnancy. Another option is benzoyl peroxide, and again it is generally thought to be safe in pregnancy especially when used sparingly. For a deeper dive, check out this great episode on Skincare in Pregnancy with Dr. Bri!

Breast Tenderness

This is so common and generally the universal sign of pregnancy for most people. As they start to grow in the first trimester, your breasts can get so sore and uncomfortable while exercising, from intimate touch, or even from uncomfortable clothing. We recommend a really good, supporting bra if you can tolerate it, or none at all if you can’t. Tactfully warn close family members to be a bit more gentle with their hugs or physical touch, which may include intimate situations. We feel honesty is usually the best policy. And the good news is, the situation usually improves after the first trimester!


Guess who again? Progesterone! Among many other things, it can also cause us to feel tired. Your blood volume is expanding with the growing baby, but there is less hemoglobin to transfer oxygen around it, which can lead to symptoms of fatigue. Anemia is also common, so make sure to head on over to our episode on Low Iron and Anemia in Pregnancy to learn more about this important topic. Remember as always - listen to your body, and rest when you need to!

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