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How to care for you postpartum Vagina!


Regardless of whether you had a vaginal delivery or a cesarean section, you need to know how to care for your postpartum perineum. 

Avoid Irritants: 

Bleeding postpartum is inevitable, and it's already in a sensitive way after delivery, so do your best to avoid irritating products on your perineum.  Keep it clean and dry, and try to not use any unnecessary products on it. 

Try to find sanitary napkins that do not have irritating linings on them, try incontinence underwear such as Depends or Always. 

You can also use period underwear, once your bleeding has settled down nicely. 


Keep it Clean: 

Have a bath or shower daily, and there is no need to use anything other than water to clean your vulvo vaginal area.  If you do choose to use a soap, be very gentle and choose something like CeraVe, Dove unscented or another mild cleanser.  But again...no need to! 

Some people find it stings while they pee in those first few days, we like continuing to use a peri bottle while you are peeing, this dilutes the urine and cleanses the area! 

We also caution people not to touch the area, as we all have bacteria on our hands, and this can increase the risk of an infection. 

Soothe your Vagina: 

Have you ever heard of padsciles??? Well, we know so many people who swear by them!  you can get them pre-made or make them yourself at home if you like, just do so in pregnancy, because you want these ready to go for when you get home from the hospital! 

There are handy wipes or pads you can use on your underwear as well, which can work.  These are infused with witch hazel for a calming effect. 

We don't advise any of the numbing sprays for your postpartum vagina, but you might find heat or cool helpful, if so....go for it!

Ask for Help

Many postpartum people suffer in silence, they are still uncomfortable weeks or months later, scared to have sex after giving birth, or have tried to have sex but it hurts or is uncomfortable. 

If you are having challenges reach out to your care provider for help and support!  Often times there are a few simple things we can suggest that can make a world of difference! 

We discuss what to watch out for, and how we can help you in our podcast!  Have a listen and let us know what you think!! 




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