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Top 5 Questions parents have about vaccinating their children!

immunization newborn newborn care May 19, 2021

Join us to discuss this topic with Dr. Rebekah from @parentlikeapediatrician.  She answers the top 5 questions that parents have about vaccinating their kiddos. 

Check out this amazing resource around vaccinations!

1. How do we know vaccines are safe?

This is an obvious first question we should all ask when making decisions about our child's health!  We have so much evidence, science and data around the safety of vaccines.  
We have data going back to the 1950s with randomized control trials (the gold standard) around vaccine safety. 
There have been multiple safety and efficacy studies, and there is a very rigorous process that is in place to keep the safety of our population in the forefront of our processes. 

2. Will the number of vaccines overwhelm my baby's immune system? Can I space them out?

This is a great question.  Vaccines have been engineered to give the biggest immunity bang with the smallest amount of antigen (active ingredient).  So the immune system is infact not being exposed to overload, when given multiple vaccinations at once. 

There is also evidence showing that going for one round of immunizations is less traumatic for children than only having one at a time (which means more visits and instances of giving shots). 

There are also no more side effects or complications with following the regular schedule than for those who get one shot at a time. 

Vaccine schedules are created to provide the maximum benefit to our wee babies,  they are at their most fragile during those first few years, and need the most protection we can given them. 


3. Why does my baby need to be vaccinated against diseases that we don't see anymore/aren't that serious in kids?

Until diseases are truly gone from our world, they will continue to resurge unless we are able to keep them in check with vaccination.  We have managed to irradicate some diseases through vaccination, small pox for example, others we have come very close.  However, with decreasing levels of vaccination, these diseases are making a comeback.  This is what has happened with measles. 


4. Is natural immunity better? is not.  The reason we vaccinate against these diseases is that they can kill or seriously harm us!  The viral or bacterial load we are exposed to when we get "natural" immunity is so much bigger than in a vaccine, and as a result, it is always safer and less risky to get the vaccine than the actual disease. 


5. What about all of the other vaccine ingredients? I'm not worried about the active part of the vaccine, just all of the chemical/toxic preservatives

Vaccines contain standard types of ingredients. 

1) Active Parts (antigens)- create immunity

2) Adjuvants - substances that make the vaccine work better, so that we need a lower dose of the antigen (or active ingredient) 

3) Stabilizers - substances that make sure the vaccine does not breakdown during storage

4) Preservatives - Prevent contamination from bacterial and fungal growth. 

These have all been studied extensively and have been found safe to administer in the dosages contained in vaccines.   Have a listen to our podcast to learn more about these specific ingredients. 

 Here is some info from BC immunization program:

As listen to our podcast check it out here! 

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