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Prenatal Screening in Pregnancy!

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2021

Prenatal screening in pregnancy is such a complicated topic!! There are also new technologies and tests that are coming out which adds to the confusion. 

Dawn, a prenatal genetic counsellor from Lifelabs, joins us on our podcast to discuss what options there are for pregnant people!

We review how to decide whether or not prenatal screening is right for you. 

We then review the commonly offered tests, both that are funded publicly, and that you can pay for privately. 

Finally, we discuss what are the next steps if you screened positive on one of these tests. 

A great resource to learn more about the Non-Invasive Prenatal Screen specifically can be found at www.lifelabsgenetics.com/Panorama

We hope you find this discussion helpful in your pregnancy journey! 



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