Newborn Sleep 101

Newborns are sweet little packages who tend to not like their parents to sleep!  but we can help them sleep better and as a result parents can sleep better as well! 

It just take some gentle finessing and working with them to get on the right track to a good little sleeper right off the start!


"I just had my first, and understanding more about newborn sleep helped so much!!! Both in helping him sleep more, but also in learning how my partner and I can help each other sleep more!"

Yes I want to Sleep!

Normal Newborn Sleep

Learn about what is typical for a newborn, and how this changes over the next three months!

Routines and Schedules

Learn how to create pre sleep routines and how to work towards a schedule for you and your newborn!

Tips & Tricks

Learn tips & tricks that help to move towards you goal of night sleeps and fun days! 

"Drs. Sarah and Alicia give practical and easy to follow advice in this course! I felt prepared going into the newborn sleep phase...don't get me wrong it wasn't perfect....but at least I had some ideas to make it a lot better!" dad!

Newborn Sleep 101

Don't miss out on our experience supporting 1000's of families through this time!  They are sleeping better...don't you want to as well?

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