The Nesting Box

Take a peek inside our

Third Trimester Box!


Everyone needs a scrunchie these days. If not for the top knot, then use it to bundle some flowers, use it as a bracelet, tie your curtains open, remind yourself of the last side you breastfed on... you get the idea! Custom created for us by our friends at Urban Baby Apparel!

Affirmation Cards

In our work as maternity care providers, we have come to realize the power of affirmations. Not only can they help you prepare for labour, but they can help you instil a sense of peace & empowerment. Use these as you prepare to birth your beautiful babe.

JONI Day Pads

Those first few weeks postpartum require some TLC, and JONI has your back. Made from organic bamboo, with an extra-soft top sheet for that sensitive skin these pads will make those first few weeks postpartum just THAT much easier.

Heavenly Dates

We love dates for MANY reasons in pregnancy...but especially in the third trimester! With 3-4 dates in every bar, these are a great snack to fuel your body and prepare your cervix for labour!

Witch Hazel Spray

Birth is beautiful, but with it often comes a sore bottom. This spray is SO GREAT for soothing both swollen perineums and hemorrhoids! Use it directly on your bottom after baby and you can even make yourself some padsicles before baby arrives to have at home once baby arrives!

Water Bottle

Hydration is so important during pregnancy, and as you get closer to your babe's arrival, you'll want to keep this by your side. Sipping from straw is an easy way to increase your water intake! Custom made for us by Costal Reign in Vancouver, we can't wait to see this in your hands and on your lips!

Fix It Balm

Filled with all-natural and organic ingredients, use it to soothe your dry hands, your growing belly, your new babe's bottom - you name it! We know this will be a staple for those last few months of pregnancy and take up a permanent position in your diaper bag!

Dry Shampoo

We don't think we need to tell you twice how much you'll turn to this staple item. Made with all-natural ingredients, this is just what you need on those days when a shower just isn't in the cards.