The Nesting Box

Take a peek inside our

Fourth Trimester Box!

Elle + Sons

One of the things we noticed about those early postpartum days is how small things make a big difference. We wanted to have a pair of beautiful, simple hoops that you can SLEEP in and not worry about losing the backs between all your outfit changes in those early days from Victoria based Elle + Sons.

Nipple Fix

In those early days, your nipples can need some TLC. Matrea Nipple Fix is the perfect solution for chafed nipples and can double as a lip balm!

Baby on Board

Driving home with a tiny new human can be overwhelming - slap this sticker on your car to let your fellow drivers you've got a little one on board (so they know why you're driving 20km under the speed limit :). Custom designed and made for us by Summer of Summer & Sage Co.


We wanted to start your journey off with an eco-friendly, non-toxic, durable, teether (that can not only soothe sore gums but also couple as a toy!) and may help in the development of fine-motor skills, like hand-eye-mouth coordination.

Postpartum Tea

You need a lot of nourishment and hydration postpartum. This tea was handcrafted in Nakusp, BC, to lift your energy, give you a sense of stability and offer a greater sense of wellbeing post-pregnancy.

Newborn Contrast Cards

Contrast cards help your very near-sighted infants with eye coordination and visual development! Use them during tummy time, create a gallery or even, make them into a mobile or more!

Bath Sachet

Taking some time to rest and renew postpartum is so important, and this healing bath from New Moon Tea Co. will do just that. Postpartum Healing Bath is also super safe for baby, so feel free to have a solo soak or welcome your little one in for up to 20 minutes.

Newborn Hat

It's true - babes do lose a lot of heat from their heads in those early days. Be sure to take this custom created newborn hat by Megan from Urban Baby Apparel.