The Nesting Community

The Nesting Community is a supportive group designed to help you learn and grow into your role as mama. They say it takes a village to raise a child; but we feel it takes a village to raise a mother. The Nesting Community is a space where you can ask questions, share struggles openly and lean on the wisdom of other mothers. Through hosted Q&A sessions, exclusive access to our community social media pages and live expert-led events all month long - you will find the support network every mama needs, from the comfort of your own living room! 

This group is intended to provide education, peer support and community connection. It is not intended to be used as personal medical advice or as group therapy. 

All this for only $27 monthly! 

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What's Included?

  • Monthly led expert talks on a variety of topics from self-care, to baby sleep to managing relationships
  • Monthly Q&As with your local experts. 
  • Community forum - Exclusive and engaged Facebook group for lively discussions with others going through the same challenges you are!
  • Videos of the last three months' content to watch when you want!
  • Two amazing guides to postpartum for you to download from local experts. 
  • Infant sleep tips download

What is The Nesting Community? 


Do you wish you could go into the fourth trimester and beyond feeling supported and prepared for all the decisions that are coming your way?

What if you had a community surrounding you, going through the same issues, with experts there to help support you along the way?

Do you want to?


  • Feel supported through your postpartum journey?
  • Learn from trusted professionals?
  • Have friends to bounce ideas off of and learn together?
  • Have somewhere to go when you are feeling anxious, isolated or alone? 
  • Have a trusted community with like-minded individuals?


If you said YES to any of these questions, then The Nesting Community is for you!


We will help support you to prepare for and journey through the first year of your life as a new parent!


Are you ready to feel more supported and be a part of this amazing community?

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I bet you have some questions...You're not alone! 

Yes I want to join! 

This is what I've been looking for!  I feel so anxious about all the decisions I'm going to have to make for me and my baby. I want to be a part of a community who can support me in this journey!

I'm ready to join!

Alana, mom of 2

I really love the format of the group.  All the information was relevant and timely. I got so much out of the q&a sessions, as well as the guest speakers. 

Who Are We? 

Dr. Alicia

Mom of two, Family Doctor with a passion for supporting young families through these amazing but challenging times of their lives.

Dr. Sarah

Mom of three boys, Family Doctor with a specialty in women's health and supporting families with problematic substance use. Cloth diapering expert! 

Dr. Pip

Family Doctor, with two young kiddos.  She has specialty training in supporting mental health during the postpartum period. 

What topics will you cover in your monthly talks? 

Great Question!  We have heard loud and clear from all of you what you want to know more about, as you prepare for and are journeying through the postpartum period for both you and your baby! 

Our first month will be focusing on partners in honour of Father's day! We will discuss the transition to parenthood and how this can affect the non-birthing partner. 

Here are some of the topics we will be covering over the upcoming months! 

  • Partners in Parenting
  • Self Care (and what that can look like with a new baby!)
  • Nutrition in the Fourth Trimester
  • Infant Safety (think choosing a car seat, baby-proofing your house or sun safety)
  • Exercise Postpartum
  • Diapering
  • Infant feeding and Starting Solids
  • Pelvic Health
  • Infant Sleep
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Childcare and return to work

Our q&a's will be an open forum to discuss whatever topics you want to!

We will have opportunities for small group chats around topics that you want to know more about!

And this is just the start! 

The Nesting Community

Put yourself first! You deserve to have the best postpartum you can! A well-supported mom is a better mom!  Don't you want the best for you and your baby!  We want to help you get there! 

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